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Why Use a Trading Bot?
Benefits of Our Program
The Fibonacci trading bots are the most sophisticated trading algorithms available on the market - period. Developed by trading bot veteran, @Fibonacci30, the bots provide incredible opportunities to grow your crypto investment with minimal risk, even during volatile market conditions where newbie and experienced traders alike usually suffer their worst losses. If you have an existing stack of crypto this is your chance to automate the passive growth of your portfolio. 

Unbeatable Returns

Incredible overall accuracy - high time-frame bots have 60-70% of trades generating positive returns. Lower time-frame ETH bot has lower accuracy but builds faster ROI, with over 700% ROI in 5 months.

Grow Your Account Even if Prices Go Down

Since our bots work on crypto futures, your account can continue to grow regardless of the direction of price movement.

Full Automation Service Included

We've partnered with CryptoBotsHub to automate the trading for you and make setup as painless as possible. All with one monthly payment.  
Goldman Stacks V3 ETH/USD (2hr)
These are independent results from TradingView's script backtester. Time period is Aug 1 2018 to Jan 15th 2019. 
Net Profit: 718.7%
 Total Closed Trades: 34
 Percent Profitable: 61.8%
 Profit Factor: 10.4
 Max Drawdown: -5.38% (total consecutive losses in testing sample)
 Average Trade Profit: 21.14% (this is inflated from compounding returns over the sample period)
 Stop Loss: 9%

Exchange Order Fee set at: 0.1% (Bitmex is .075% for market orders) 
Let's break down this data into simpler terms:

 The bots are always trading either long or short positions.
- Long makes money when the price goes up
- Short makes money if the price goes down

Your account value and profits are in Bitcoin.

If you were starting with 1 Bitcoin on Aug 1st 2018 and the bot was trading for you with no leverage, you would have grown your portfolio to 7.18 Bitcoin by January 15th, 2019. 

Remember, these are consistently profitable trades during a bear market, so to be able to keep growing your account during this time is just incredible. 
Our bots thrive on the volatility of young markets.

On average, this bot closes a position and enters a new one every 4.6 days. It is always watching price action and makes a data-based decision every 2 hours. This means you never have to worry about missing a trade in your sleep! The potential to grow your portfolio using the bot is truly an unrivaled opportunity in the Cryptosphere. 

The huge total return figure is the cumulative effect of compounding growth over a long period of time

This sample is showing results from 5 1/2 months of price action, which was 34 separate compounding trades. This is also how you should view your account if you sign up for our algorithms -  the big picture and growth over time are most important. 
Think long term

No system is perfect and ours does take losses. With the bot shown above, 61.8% of trades were winners, which means that 38.2% were not. No gains come without risk. 

However, averaging the winners and losers together is what results in the positive return per trade, so you can see that the algorithm was consistently profitable, even in a bear market.
Not every month has big returns

If you look at the account equity (the blue shaded area) in the backtester image image, you'll see that the first three months of trades were relatively flat in terms of profits. Growing your account takes time. Although we do our best to ensure that our algorithms are continuously optimized for the current market conditions.

As is the case with most algorithms, big price moves generate larger returns. A more volatile Bitcoin market is more profitable for your portfolio.

These returns are good enough to invite skepticism and rightly so- that's why our data report is provided by a separate company, we make our trade history public, and we offer a free two-week trial. So you can see for yourself how this works before purchasing a subscription.
Other Bots Included
Goldman Stacks V3 XBT/USD (4hr)
This is a higher time-frame bot that trades on the Bitcoin market
These are independent results from TradingView's script backtester. Time period shown is Dec 1 2017 to Jan 1 2019. 
Net Profit: 596.9% 
 Total Closed Trades: 13
 Percent Profitable: 76.9%
 Profit Factor: 30.5
 Max Drawdown: -4.2% (total consecutive losses in testing sample)
 Average Trade Profit: 45.9% (this is inflated from compounding returns over the sample period)
 Stop Loss: 5%
Exchange Order Fee set at: 0.1% (Bitmex is .075% for market orders)
How is This Bot Different From the First One?
Pros- extremely accurate, smoother growth curve, huge profit factor, and smaller drawdown so you can increase your leverage if you want to take on more risk. Less trades which will lower exchange fees. High time-frame means that this bot will be much more immune to consolidation periods that generally suck the profits from faster trend-following bots.

Cons- with only 13 trades in 13 months, one could turn the bot on and potentially have a fairly long wait before entering a position. This one takes patience and a very long-term perspective. Lower risk and lower drawdowns generally result in lower overall returns, but much more peace of mind in the interim.

This bot is great for beginners and large accounts. It will take fewer and smaller losses (lower risk) compared to a lower time-frame bot, while still generating incredible annual returns. Smaller time-frame bots like the ETH bot shown at the top of the page will do worse in price chop and have larger account drawdowns, but due to the greater trade frequency they'll generally produce a higher annual ROI. 

If you want a bot that you turn on and only check every six months, this it.
Actual Trade Data for Goldman ETH/USD 2 Hr Bot
October Trades
Low Volatility Month
December Trades
High Volatility Month
Monthly returns can have a large variance depending on price action. A +72% return is definitely not the norm nor should it be the expectation. However, in the world of traditional finance, even the 9% return generated in October would be stellar as a total annual return. This large variance is why we recommend a long-term perspective. 
Our Mission 
We want to be the best bot provider for anyone looking to grow their cryptocurrency porftofolio by offering the most sophisticated and profitable algorithms on the market.

We offer full-automation solutions with easy setup for beginners, and customized solutions for advanced traders.
How It Works
We currently offer two bots with full automation included; one is for Ethereum (ETH/USD) which operates on the 2 hour, and the other operates on Bitcoin (XBT/USD) on the 4 hour time-frame.  Both use Bitcoin as collateral, and profits are paid in Bitcoin as well. 

Our automation platform connects to the BitMex exchange (now supporting Deribit too!).  You keep full control over your funds and no one except you can withdraw from your account.
 Resident bot-expert Fibonacci works on perfecting, tweaking, and adjusting our algorithms for maximum profitability in ever-changing market conditions. Generally we do an upgrade or settings change once a month.

Crypto Bots Hub is hosted by Amazon Web Services so you don't have to worry about having a program always running on your home computer, nor do you have to download any software.
What You Need to Use the Bot - 
You need your own Bitmex account and Bitcoin (or you can use Deribit). 

We recommend you have a minimum of .5 BTC before signing up for a subscription.  

After purchase confirmation, you will be directed to a setup instructions page with all the necessary information, including a 5-minute setup tutorial video. CBH will email your account info to the address entered on the following page.

If you need help with setup, CBH has customer service available in our Discord chat group in a dedicated channel.
*** Other Features Available! ***
We have a great community in our private Discord with mods and members eager to help you out if you have any questions. Below are some examples of trade ideas for members looking hands-on involvement rather just passive automation. 

We've partnered with CryptoBotsHub to automate the trading for you

Easy Setup in one Package

To make installation as painless as possible. Taken care of with one monthly payment. 

Doesn't Run on Your PC

Their automation platform is hosted by Amazon Web services. Your data is secure and the bot is always running. You no longer have to worry about keeping a browser window open 24/7.

Discord Support

You will get full access to our Private Discord Server with a growing online community of 200+ traders, support from the developers at Crypto Bots Hub, and private subscriber access to the professional that developed the algorithms - in total, a TON of value. 
Your security is very important to us. Exchange API info is encrypted and all web access is done via https. We will never ask you for your identity and your info will never be shared with anyone.
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