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Raptor V2 XBT/USD (15 min)
These are independent results from TradingView's backtester. Time period shown is Mar 1, 2019 to July 1, 2019. 
Net Profit: 155% 
 Total Closed Trades: 36
 Percent Profitable: 44.4%
 Profit Factor: 4
 Max Drawdown: -7.8% (total consecutive losses in testing sample)
 Average Trade Profit: 4.31%
 Stop Loss: 3%
Slippage included: 0 ticks (regular candles)
Exchange Order Fee set at: 0.075% (Same rate as Bitmex market order type)
How is This Bot Different?
Pros- Right in the sweet spot between maximum profitability versus high trade frequency. It trades less than the 30 Min Raptor, but much more often than the 4 HR Goldman. This bot is re-evaluating the market every 15 minutes (24/7) and deciding whether to change position. On average it makes a new trade every 42 hours. Winning trades make 4.3X as much as losing trades lose. Since it trades frequently, it can compound returns to can grow your account in a hurry (155% account growth in 4 months shown above).

Cons- fast-moving bots have a lower win rate, and therefore higher risk and larger drawdowns. Would not recommend leverage over 1x on this bot. Also, 61% of trades are 'duds', so it's important to keep in mind that the bot is all about quantity over quality.  

*Note: All Raptor bots are in 'long-only' mode, meaning that the red signals are for taking profit rather than shorting.
Trade History for Raptor XBT/USD Bot (15 Min)
Mach 1 through July 10 2019
No Gains Come Without Risk

No system is perfect and ours does take losses. With the bot shown above, 44% of trades were winners, which means that 56% were not. Also note that bitcoin makes most of its gains in huge moves, so with this bot there are typically a lot of tiny trades and then a BIG one. 

Losses are inevitable. Manage your risk accordingly.

We automate the trading for you!

Easy Setup in one Package

To make installation as painless as possible. Taken care of with one monthly payment. 

Doesn't Run on Your PC

Their automation platform is hosted by Amazon Web services. Your data is secure and the bot is always running. You no longer have to worry about keeping a browser window open 24/7.

Discord Support

You will get full access to our Private Discord Server with a growing online community of 200+ traders, support from the developers, and private subscriber access to the professional that developed the algorithms - in total, a TON of value. 
Your security is very important to us. Exchange API info is encrypted and all web access is done via https. We will never ask you for your identity and your info will never be shared with anyone.
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