Pro Crypto Bots
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How Does it Work?
Our bots connect to the BitMex exchange. They trade either Bitcoin (XBT) or Ethereum (ETH) contracts. 

 The bots are trading either 'long' or 'short' positions.
- Long makes money if price goes up
- Short makes money if price goes down

Your account and profits are in bitcoin. 

Trade entry, close, stop loss, etc. are all handled by the bot - this is a fully automated solution.

You can track your current trades through your Bitmex account.
 Resident bot-expert Fibonacci works on perfecting and updating the algorithms for maximum profitability in ever-changing market conditions. 
What do I Need to Use the Bots? 
You need your own Bitmex account and Bitcoin (use our link to get discounted trading fees from the exchange for six months!). 

We recommend you have a minimum of .5 BTC before signing up for a subscription.  

After purchasing, you will receive setup instructions and a FAQ to your email.

We're currently using a manual setup for onboarding, so please allow up to 24 hours before full automation is activated.
How do Bots Work, and How Much Money Will I Make Every Month?
TLDR - It depends on market conditions and which bot you're using. This is a long-term growth strategy, not a get rich quick scheme.

There are three main categories for bots: trend-following, range-bound (scalper), and mean-reversion.  

The crypto markets are very much trend-driven with wild bull markets that can last for years, followed by brutal bear markets with as much as an 80% decline in price. Accordingly, we specialize in trend-following systems because they are the most appropriate for crypto.

Trend bots are going to have a LOT of small trades in-between the home runs. Those small trades may mean losses if price is consolidating in a tight range.

Let's use the trade history from the 15 minute Raptor as an example. There are only 3 big winners out of the 19 listed... The whole month of March was flat, and it took 9 trades before seeing a great return. This is normal.

  But, to grow your account by 155% in 4 months is unbelievable... And that's not counting the USD increase in BTC. This outperforms scalp bots and every other mechanical strategy in the long run.  

Even with just $5k in BTC, the trades shown would have covered 22 months of fees in just 4 months of trading, and that user would have seen fantastic account growth.

This illustrates why you need a long term perspective to growing your bitcoin with our bots. 
What's the risk in using a trading bot?
We use a 5% stop loss to ensure losing trades are cut short.

To see the largest total consecutive losses a bot has had, look at the 'Maximum Drawdown' in its data report. Each of our bots has gone through rigorous development and testing to ensure it is profitable before being released. 

A good best practice is to limit your capital exposure to any one bot. For example, no trade should be able to negatively impact your total portfolio by more than 2%. 

Proper risk management is the key to both long-term success and to your peace of mind when in a trade. 
Do I need to keep my computer turned on? 
No, our automation service runs in the cloud. This means you don't need to have a program always running on your home computer, nor do you have to download any software. 

Most importantly, you don't have to worry about missing a trade!
Can I pay membership fees with bitcoin?
Yes! We take bitcoin payments for the annual membership and offer a massive discount. You get two whole months for free, so your total cost is only $3,500 USD equivalent of BTC.

We use PayPal for monthly membership plans due to the automatic billing process. Plus you can cancel your membership at any time without going through us. But most importantlyit incentivizes growing your bitcoin and spending your fiat.
Can I run multiple bots on one account?
Each bot needs its own Bitmex account

Since each bot is running its own strategy and in its own time frame, they would effectively disable each other if more than one is running on the same time.
How do I make sure my account is secure?
Some good best practices are:

1. Create an anonymous email for each Bitmex account
2. When setting up your API keys, ensure that your withdrawal permissions are turned          off. This means that no one other than you can take anything out of your account
3. Use a good VPN whenever accessing an exchange directly. (Nord VPN has great                reviews)
4. Use 2fa via the Google Authenticator app
5. Keep your email info, API keys and passwords OFFLINE (ie- memo pad or thumbdrive)
6. Don't tell people how much Bitcoin you have

We automate the trading for you!

Easy Setup in one Package

To make installation as painless as possible. Taken care of with one monthly payment. 

Doesn't Run on Your PC

Our automation platform runs in the cloud. Your data is secure and the bot is always running. You no longer have to worry about keeping a browser window open 24/7.

Discord Support

You will get full access to our Private Discord Server with a growing online community of 200+ traders, support from the developers, and private subscriber access to the professional that developed the algorithms - in total, a TON of value. 
Your security is very important to us. Exchange API info is encrypted and all web access is done via https. We will never ask you for your identity and your info will never be shared with anyone.
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